About Me

This is the personal site of Anton Jenkins.

My day job for the last four years has been running the data warehousing project at the Southampton Solent University. I’ve been developing in rails privately since the summer of 2006 and have also undertaken several rails projects at the University as I try to integrate it into my day job. It’s much more enjoyable than data warehousing and database programming!

Please feel free to contact me using the contact link above if you wish to talk to me about rails work.

About This Blog

I’ll mainly be blogging about ruby and rails with perhaps some objective-c and cocoa related stuff as I get to grips with that. From time to time I might post the odd DJ mix if time permits.

Seeing as I’m mainly going to be talking about rails I decided it was fitting to use rails for this blog. I was torn between using Mephisto or Enki but in the end I went with Enki and I’ve not regretted it. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. It may have taken a lot longer than just going to blogger.com and signing up there, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.